Wednesday, 14 August 2013


So, as of now, we've decided to rent a house for 1-2 years and meantime purchase another house, which will be ready about end of next year. I imagined renovation would take about 3 months.  Someone told me that it's impossible.  It'll take at least 6 months.  Yes, I forgot that when we were doing some renovation to some rooms in our apartment, it's already took 2 months.  What more a bigger house with some exterior renovation??  Learning journey.

One of the concern about moving to JB is security.  With the rising crime rates in Malaysia, we need to take some measures.

The rented house that we'll be getting is in a gated and guarded area.  However, it's a bit secluded because surrounding areas are still under development.  So I've been thinking of other security measures, besides the gate and the guard.   Alhamdulillah, the house we are renting already comes with an alarm system, which we have totally no idea how to use yet. We'll learn.  We also need to think from the psychological aspect.  Having the alarm system, with the red box at the front of the house is good. It may deter robbers from attempting to do the house.

Other than that, I plan to make it look troublesome to get in and out.  It's not an ideal house to rob.  I plan to obviously hang plants over the gate and the fence.  Meaning if they want to climb over, they know they risk dropping and breaking pots.  I was thinking of making an indirect access to the door also by putting plants in front of the door - but I think I will be irritated by that also. So I think this should do for now.

Bismillahi tawakkal. In God we place our trust after putting our effort.

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